Application Equipment

Spray application of our elastomeric coatings is simple. Most porous or rough textured substrates require initial application with brush or roller for proper penetration; however, on smooth surfaces spray application is ideal.

To obtain best results choose the diameter of hose and gun consistent with maintaining maximum pressure at the tip. Larger diameter hoses produce less pressure loss as the Product is pumped through it. The least restriction in the gun will also assist in maintaining the required pressure for atomization at the tip.

It is generally preferable to maintain the spray nozzle perpendicularly to the surface. A pole extension of a few feet will make this easier.

Spray applying 1530, 1650, 1655, 2000 and 2010

Because of the exceptional high solids content of 1530, 1655 and 2010, an airless spray system must be capable of developing 3,000 PSI measured under static conditions at the pump Outlet, to properly atomize without dilution. When applying 1650 material, an airless spray system must have a static pressure capability of 2,500 PSI.

Tips in the range of .025 to .031 and a fan width ranging from 10 to 16 inches are most suitable for 1530, 1650, 1655, 2000 and 2010.

When using sprayed application for textured products, please contact Weather Barrier for application equipment.

1530 / 1650 / 1655/ 2000/ 2010
Manufacturer Model Power Source Tip Sizes Static PSI
Graco Premier 45-1 Air operated Piston Pump   4500
Graco Bulldog 41-1 Air operated Piston Pump   4100
Graco GM 10,000 Gasoline; 8hp one gun 0.055 tip
two + guns up to 0.021
Graco GH-733 Gasoline; 16hp one gun 0.055 tip
two gun 0.037 tip
Graco GM-7000 Gasoline; 5.5hp one gun 0.043 tip
two gun 0.029 tip

1530 / 1650 / 1655/ 2000/ 2010


Graco offers a complete line of Airless Roofing Sprayers designed for today’s roof coatings. The portable designs and high performance features offer versatility in roofing applications.


For unbeatable production when spraying topcoats such as aluminums and asphalt emulsions in both non-fibered and fibered, choose the GM1230. The extra large pump and pressure control porting minimize plugging of fibrated materials while Graco’s proven direct drive system ensures long life. Plus, the self-contained gas-operated system eliminates the need for costly air compressors. By adding the Quick Change Accessory (224-524), easily convert the Roof Rig into a GM3012 to spray acrylics and urethanes.

Complete sprayers include: 90ft. (27.4m) hose, mastic roofing gun and GHD RAC Tip.


These heavy duty Roof Rigs are high performing and versatile. With 16 hp and the quick change lower capability, it’s easy to maximize production by customizing a pump for each roof coating withut purchasing additional sprayers. These electric start models are portable performers.

Note: All units sold without lower.

Working Pressures Delivery Fuel Tank Capacity Dimensions Weight Instruction manual


With the 16 hp and electric start feature, get the power needed to spray virtually any roof coating. The “quick change” lower capability also allows for maximum production by customizing a pump for each roof coating without purchasing additional sprayers.


Mastic Roofing Gun

Hose Couplers Spray Roller Fluid Hoses