Research & Development

Finnaren & Haley Paint Co. recognizes the harsh environments that our Industrial Coatings customers need to protect against. With that in mind we constantly strive to improve our existing coating systems and develop new technologies to meet these demands. Our expertise ranges from coating systems for ships and submarines in immersion service to exterior coatings on above ground storage tanks in the cold climate of the Northeast.


Our Ultra High Solids epoxy lining, designed by our R&D Lab can be used with a low temperature catalyst allowing our lining system to be installed in 40°F temperatures without the added expenses of heating the tank. Finnaren & Haley’s entire product line has been developed by a team of R&D Chemists whose experience and expertise make our products hide better and perform longer over a tremendous variety of coating service environments.

The following are brief descriptions of some of the key products you will find in our online product catalog:

Induline 891 UHS White

Edge Retentive Ultra High Solids Tank Lining System with the ability of spray application of 10-30 Mils of solvent-free Epoxy tank lining that provides a chemical resistant tank lining and edge retentive characteristic to help achieve film builds on pitted steel tank bottoms. Induline 891 UHS Primer is recommended for pitted steel bottoms to achieve better flow and leveling on a pitted steel profile…

Indulon 887 Epoxy Porcelain White

An Industry Leader for over 20 years, the only exterior self-cleaning white epoxy finish that maintains a bright white appearance and exhibits a controlled chalking that reduces dirt pickup and will not yellow like conventional epoxy formulations.

Indulon 894 Epoxy Mastic White

Surface Tolerant High Build Epoxy Mastic that is designed for Brush and Roll application to any type of horizontal steel storage tanks and related piping. Can be applied by brush and roller at 4.0-5.0 Mils DFT per coat.

Indulon 897 PrePrime Epoxy Sealer

100% Solids Epoxy Pre-Prime Sealer that penetrating qualities enhance the coatings adhesion over aged coatings and weathered epoxy/urethane coating systems that would normally require sandblasting type coatings removal surface preparation. This cost saving over-coating primer locks down edges of aged coats and seals off hairline cracks without overly stressing the existing systems adhesion or bond to substrate.

Indurathane 890 Acrylic Urethane

High Performance Acrylic Polyurethane for UV protection, corrosion protection and excellent general chemical resistance for a variety of steel substrates. Our urethane technology has been developed to provide the user-friendly brush, roll or spray two-component acrylic urethane for a wet gloss look. This wet look Gloss High Solids Urethane is a one-coat finish that can be applied in the shop or as a field finish coat where gloss and color retention are critical to success of the project.